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More affordable

Dental care in Thailand costs 80-90% lower than in the US and EU with the same quality of treatment


World-Class and International Accreditation

Advanced technology facilities provided by highly trained and experienced doctors and nurses


Dental tourism expert 

Thailand's public sector strongly influences medical and dental teaching programs and developing healthcare to promote scientific based education.


Better availability

No more waiting and queuing up on the list. Get your health ticket here at any time you need. 


Great Accessibility

With fewer entry procedures, experience a simple and convenient journey for an excellent service


Tourist destinations where you can relax and recuperate

Thailand is recognised as a 'Land of Smile' and popular for tourism opportunities. Enjoy a local experience in our popular cities Chiangmai-Bangkok-Krabi-Phuket and have a memorable holiday trip provided by

Save your money - Smooth your trip - Get your healthticket >> HERE! is localised in Thailand, making us an expert in finding you the best hospital options for any treatment. We partnered with more than 100 state-of-art technology hospitals  at the best price guaranteed. We also provide hotel, transportation and holiday bookings upon your request, ensuring that you have the absolute peace of mind you need throughout your journey.

We believe in a world where healthcare should be accessible that everyone should receive the best quality at an affordable medical care no matter where they live.
At, we are passionate to help patients find the right clinic available in Thailand for the treatment they want, by giving them access to all the information they need to make an informed decision.
Our mission

We believe that when making health decisions, the more information you have the better.


Hospitals are listed with accreditation levels, staff experience, facility pictures, procedure prices and reviews from former patients.


By contacting us, we can help you get in touch with the hospitals directly. 

We do not and never will sell your personal data.
Simply send us an inquiry and we will help you get a personalized quote from a specialist. Each quote includes a treatment plan and cost estimate.

We are the Leading Medical Tourism Platform in Thailand

Why choose us


No guess-work. We know the best Internationally Qualified clinics and doctors in Thailand. Good insights wtih great selection of hospitality will lead you to the right treatment option.

We want you to be well informed when you get to the practice. The prices you see on the website will always be the same as what you pay at the dentist.


Live chat & reliable response from your personal medical travel coordinator from pre-care to post-care​



We are a local expert based in Thailand and know exactly what you need to make your trip a success


We offer you a complete medical tourism package to make your journey stress-free. That includes arranging flights, accommodations, ground transportation, medical record transfer and translation, travel insurance and sightseeing happens in one place!


Book now, pay later after your treatment

With over 53 JCI accredited hospitals and clinics, Thailand is now the most affordable place for medical tourism in the world. The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has reported that patients from Southeast Asia make up of 80% of Thailand's medical tourists while many procedures on average costing at least 80% less than the same treatment in America and the EU. Apart from effective treatments, Thailand itself is popular for tourism opportunities where patients can quickly recover themselves with a memorable holiday trip.

The world's no.1 medical tourism destination. 

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