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A quote includes a specialist review of your case, a personalized treatment plan, and a detailed cost breakdown. This quote is eligible for a 100% refund. Should you decide to proceed with treatment, your payment will be deducted from the final cost of your treatment

Treatment Quote

99 EUR 
per quote

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Additional Services

Additional services are there to make your medical trip easy and hassle-free. If you need help booking a hotel, flight, or arranging a visa or a translation, we are more than happy to help. Simply email for more information about our additional services.

Airport-Hotel-Hospital Transfer

A car service and chauffeur connect you to the airport, the hospital, and/or the hotel. For more complex transportation needs, MEDIGO offers discounted packaged rates.

40 EUR

per trip

40 EUR

An invitation letter is often required in order to obtain a medical treatment visa. This fee does not cover any extra charges which will be payed directly to the embassy. On occasion, hospitals and clinics require a deposit prior to issuing the invitation letter.

Visa Service

40 EUR

per page

Translation of medical records to any language, from any language, as required by the treating doctor for your case.

Medical Record Translation

40 EUR

per hour

A medical interpreter accompanies the patient at the hospital and supports the communication between medical staff and the patient. For under 2 hours of interpretation, a minimum fee of 100 EUR will be charged. MEDIGO offers discounted rates for medical interpretation exceeding 8 hours.

On-Site Medical Interpreter

40 EUR

Support with finding and booking travel and accommodation. The costs of the actual accommodation and/or flights are paid by the traveling patient.

Logistical Assistance

40 EUR

Remote Second Opinion

Get an expert second opinion on your diagnosis or medical treatment options. Click here to learn more about our Second Opinion services.

Custom A-to-Z Concierge Package

All-inclusive service, including flights and accommodation booking

Upon request

Treatment Quote

Our Care Team is always happy to answer your questions and to assist you with your treatment abroad. To get in touch with a Care Team member, simply email


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